How To Introduce A Corgi To A Cat

When you introduce a Corgi to a cat, you need to ensure you use a baby gate (or similar barrier) to divide the meeting space and allow them to meet through that. This prevents any potential injuries and gives them plenty of space to get used to each other.

Corgis are some of the friendliest dogs I know, and as a Corgi owner (or Corgi owner-to-be), you know well. But if you’re looking to introduce a Corgi to a cat, you may be wondering: do they actually get on? The good news is that they can be great friends, but you’re going to need to be prepared. 

Introducing a Corgi to a cat takes time and a dedicated meeting space. As long as you let them meet through a barrier, give them plenty of space to hide and acclimate, and take things at a snail’s pace, you’ll find your furry friends learn to like each other (or at least tolerate each other).

Let me walk you through the process in more detail. You’ll know how to introduce a Corgi to a cat confidently in no time!

Key Takeaways:

  • Corgis and cats can become great friends
  • You need to be patient and give them time to get to know each other. 
  • Always introduce your Corgi and cat through a barrier such as a baby gate. 
  • Don’t leave them unsupervised until they are completely trained and comfortable. 
  • Corgis are herding dogs and may try to herd your cat, but this is trainable. 
  • Ensure you have separate spaces for your Corgi and cat to cool off. 
  • Never rush the process – they’ll be friends in their own time. 
How to introduce a cat to a corgi

Are Cats and Corgis Compatible?

The great news is that Corgis and cats are very compatible and can become best friends. It helps that they aren’t much different in size, and Corgis tend to be quite tolerant dogs. There is nothing to say that your furry friends can’t live in peace together. But don’t expect things to go smoothly from the moment they meet. 

It will be tense at the start. Your Corgi may end up with a couple of swipes or scratches if they push their luck. That’s why supervision and training are crucial if you want your pets to be happy together. As long as you are patient and understanding, I have confidence you’ll have a successful (and adorable) pair of besties. 

The Challenges You Might Face When Introducing a Corgi to a Cat 

Of course, you may face some challenges when trying to introduce a Corgi to a cat. As long as you are prepared for these potential issues, you should be equipped to handle them properly. 

  1. Corgis are herding dogs and can also be prone to a higher prey drive than most. This means they are naturally inclined to be more likely to chase and/or herd small animals such as cats. Simple training and good supervision can help prevent this. 
  2. Resources for each pet should be kept separately as both Corgis and cats can be quite territorial creatures. This means that if their food or bedding is too close together, they might become territorial over them.
  3. If your pets are not interested in each other immediately, don’t force it. Forcing them to interact can make things much worse and cause a negative relationship between them. Allow your Corgi and your cat to find each other naturally
  4. The communication styles between Corgis and cats are very different. Make sure you take the time to try and understand their body language better. That way you can assess how comfortable they are and if you need to intervene to give them space. 
  5. Sometimes, a cat and a dog just really don’t like each other. It rarely happens. But if there are still problems after a few months and you can’t keep them separate, you may have to consider more drastic options, such as rehoming the new pet. 
How to introduce a corgi to a cat

Tips Before You Bring Your Corgi Home

Before you bring your Corgi home for the first time, you must ensure that your cat feels safe. This is going to be a massive change for them. So making a few alterations in your home is a great way to start things off smoothly (or smoother). 

Get some plugin diffusers to help keep your cat calm. Adaptil and Feliway are the best on the market. I have used Feliway for years myself to help my cats when they have been stressed. It releases calming pheromones that chill them out a little more. Plus it makes situations like meeting new household pets a lot easier for them to handle. 

It would help if you also cleared high spaces, such as the top of your bookshelves and fridge. This gives them plenty of space to hide and stay out of reach. Your cat needs to be able to escape when they feel cornered or worried. That’s why having a selection of high places to slink off to makes it a less stressful experience and helps keep them calm. 

In addition to their usual space for sleep, food, and litter, give them a second space elsewhere in the house that the dog cannot reach. This gives them another option if they feel too stressed to go to their usual spot. Plus it also reduces the risk of toileting in the house. And as many cat owners will tell you, they can get spiteful when they’re stressed! 

How to introduce a corgi to a cat

Tips Before You Bring Your Cat Home

But what if you’re doing the opposite and bringing a cat home for the first time? Now, the steps for introducing your Corgi to your cat will be the same (next section). But there are a few preparations you might want to consider first. 

Ensure your Corgi has their own space with their bed, water, and any toys that they enjoy playing with. This room should be separate from the rest of the house. That way the cat can be brought into the environment peacefully before being shown their own space and allowed out of their carrier. You’ll also want to keep them as quiet as possible. 

Make sure you stock up on high-value treats and chews to keep your dog distracted while the cat is exploring. This will help placate and calm them. It will also reduce the amount of stress your new feline friend will experience while they’re settling in. And it makes your Corgi less likely to chase or herd the cat. 

Do not allow the cat to go into your Corgi’s safe area. Just as you won’t let the dog in theirs, the cat must be shown that boundaries exist. The safe area is for your dog to wind down and relax. During the meeting phase, it helps maintain a sense of calm and separation between them until they are used to each other. 

A corgi meeting a cat

5 Steps to Follow When Introducing a Corgi to a Cat

Now that you have the foundations, I’d like to take you through the steps to follow when introducing a Corgi to a cat for the first time. All you need is patience and a few tasty treats. And I would recommend investing in a baby gate to get started. I did this when I introduced my Corgi to a cat for the first time, and it went fantastically

1. Create a Meeting Space and a Safe Space 

First, set the safe spaces up for your cat and Corgi, as I mentioned earlier. They should be on opposite ends of the room where possible to ensure they have plenty of room to be away from each other as needed. Once you’ve done that, you can place a baby gate in the middle of the space. A doorway between two rooms is perfect.

Make sure you have treats for the cat and Corgi ready to go. Double-check that your cat has plenty of escape routes and hiding spaces. Especially if they get curious enough to cross the baby gate and say hello to their new friend. 

2. Keep Everyone Calm 

The second your Corgi sees the cat through the barrier and looks at them, reward them with a calm confirmation and a treat. This should only be done when they make a silent observation and are just looking at the cat. We want to reward their calmness and curiosity. Their reaction is the most important thing to look at here. 

Check to see if they are staring silently, whining, or becoming alert and agitated. The longer they remain fixated on the cat, the more tense things are going to become. If their attention is on the cat for more than a brief moment, calmly call their attention back to you. Then give them a tasty chew or something that will take their mind off it. 

Always reward your Corgi for keeping their attention on you. Move at a gradual pace to ensure your cat stays calm. As you progress, you’ll allow your pup to focus on the cat for longer periods of time before calling them back. This will help them get used to each other and show your Corgi that it’s good to be calm around them. 

Pro Tip: You might find using a leash or a harness gives you better control for the initial introduction.

A happy corgi and a cat

3. Let Them Meet Through the Barrier 

When you reach this point, your Corgi is able to look at the cat without becoming fixated and the cat is calm in their presence. Remember that this could take anywhere from days to months. It all depends on the dog and the cat in question. Just like people, I have found they all have very different personalities. 

Allow them to sniff each other through the barrier if they are comfortable. Make sure you don’t force it and that both are feeling relaxed. For example, the worst thing you can do right now is hold a nervous cat while a dog sniffs them. You will end up getting scratched and your cat is going to be stressed all over again. Reward your Corgi every time they are calm.

4. Remove the Barrier 

Your Corgi and cat should be allowed to see each other through the barrier and say hello for several days. But it could take weeks or months for them to do so calmly. You should never remove the barrier if your Corgi is still getting excited or agitated around the cat. While it can be frustrating, it’s worth the hard work for the results. 

Once your Corgi has been consistently calm through the barrier, you can then remove this and allow them to say hello in person. Make sure you repeat the process of rewarding and praising any calm behavior from your dog. Ensure the cat has plenty of escape routes for when they feel like they need to get away from everything. 

5. Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help 

There is no shame in seeking professional help when you need it. A dog trainer or behaviorist can help you train your dog so that they leave the cat alone and feel calmer in their presence. They not only provide you with the guidance you need but can also address any other underlying issues that your Corgi might be struggling with. 

A behaviorist will usually visit your home so that they can fully assess the situation. This will help them find the right methods to make your Corgi and your cat feel safe. Getting help isn’t a sign that you’ve failed as a dog owner. It shows that you’re willing to do what it takes to make sure your Corgi is getting the best in life

How to introduce a corgi to a cat

Precautions to Keep Your Cat and Corgi Safe

Once your Corgi and cat are more comfortable together, there will be times when you have to leave them alone while you go out or run errands. When this happens, there are some precautions you can take to give yourself peace of mind. There is nothing wrong with being safe while they’re getting used to each other – accidents happen all the time. 

First, you’re going to need to create safe spaces for each pet. This should be a completely separate area where they have access to their bed, water, and toys. Having spaces like this means they have somewhere to go when things get too much, and they want to be separate from the other pet. Even closing a door to create a physical barrier between them helps.

You will also want to keep plenty of enrichment activities around to help distract them and give them something to do. Environmental enrichment is essential for the well-being of any pet. It takes some of the focus off of the newcomer and allows them to exist in the same space with minimal risk of something going wrong between them. 

All of their interactions should be supervised until you know they are safe and comfortable being left alone together. It can be tricky, and separating them isn’t always easy, but it’s so much better than any potential injuries. I’ve seen it happen many times. And most of the time, it’s a case of the dog getting too playful and not yet understanding boundaries

How to introduce a corgi to a cat

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do Corgis get along well with cats?

Yes, Corgis can get along really well with cats. As long as you give them plenty of time and space to get to know each other, you’ll find they become good friends and learn to be comfortable around each other. It’s all about patience. 

How long does it take for a Corgi to get used to a cat?

It can take anywhere from a few days or weeks to months for a Corgi and a cat to get used to each other. Every cat and dog is different, and you can’t put a firm timeframe on the experience. You just need to learn to be patient and give them the time they need. Even if they only learn to tolerate each other, that’s a massive win. 

How do I stop my Corgi from chasing my cat?

The best way to stop your Corgi from chasing your cat is to use redirection. This means you need to divert your dog’s attention to something more interesting than the cat (toys or treats) and engage in a completely separate activity with them. Eventually, they will learn that there are other things that are far more interesting than the cat. 

Final Thoughts

Introducing a Corgi to a cat can be very stressful for everyone involved. As long as you are patient and give them plenty of space to relax and get to know each other, everything should turn out just fine. It’s a process that you can’t rush. If you do, it could end up going very badly for your Corgi and your cat. All good things take time. 

Bella is the founder of Doggy & Pooch. She rehomed Winston the corgi in Jan 2020 and now shares her best tips and interesting facts with corgi lovers globally.

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