Bizarre things Corgis love to do

8 Bizarre Things Corgis Love To Do

Corgis are funny little creatures. Here are 8 bizarre things Corgis love to do, including getting the zoomies and lying like a loaf of bread.

How to introduce a cat to a corgi

How To Introduce A Corgi To A Cat

Want to know how to introduce a corgi to a cat? Find out our top tips and some of the challenges you might face (+ how to overcome them!).

do pembroke corgis have tails

3 Of The Best Corgi Harnesses In 2024

Trying to decide which harness is best for your corgi? Stop browsing! We’ve reviewed 3 of the best, their pros and cons & our favorite overall!

How much does a corgi weigh?

This Is How Much A Corgi Should Weigh

Want to know how much a Corgi should weigh? It may be less than you think! Discover the ideal average weight for adult and puppy Corgis.

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