Exclusive Interview With A Corgi Breeder: Curby’s Corgis Q&A!

Curby’s Corgis is a US-based Corgi breeder run by Tyler and Kayleigh Ledkins. They breed standard and fluffy Pembroke Welsh Corgis. All puppies are priced at $3,500.

Since starting this website, I’ve referenced Corgi breeders Curby’s Corgis many times.

Based in Utah, Curby’s Corgis is run by husband and wife team, Tyler and Kayleigh Ledkins. They’re passionate about what they refer to as their ‘Corgi Crew’. Not only are their puppies smothered with love, but their parent dogs, too.

It’s clear that Tyler and Kayleigh love what they do. They put so much care into breeding Corgis, from the health tests they carry out to the dedicated Corgi Container they’ve created!

That’s why I was really excited to chat with Kayleigh about why she started Curby’s Corgis, the best things about her job, and her tips for avoiding irresponsible breeders.

Let’s go!

Curby's Corgis interview

How and why did you start breeding Corgis?

I started breeding Corgis back in 2018 aged 19, while pursuing my bachelor’s degree in nursing. I never imagined this was something I could be doing full-time, but I’m so grateful for what I’ve built.

Growing up on a small farm, there were always animals to look after and tend to. Because of this, I’ve always had a very strong love for them and the need to care for them. Growing up, I rode horses and roped with my dad. It’s him that really taught me the most about caring for animals.

My dad’s uncle Steve played a huge role in introducing me to Corgis and getting me absolutely obsessed with them. The first Corgi I met was his ranch dog, Buster, when I was 12.

I immediately loved the diversity I saw within the breed. It was crazy how they could be so cuddly and sweet one minute… then a helpful and athletic little herding dog the next!

I fell in love with Buster. But even though I had many animals at home, a dog was something my dad would never let me get. My family jokes that it’s all his fault because now that I’m a grown adult, I’ve overcompensated for that “trauma”. Now I have my very own Corgi army, LOL! 

Q&A with Curby's Corgis

Offering corgi owners a better experience

All jokes aside, I knew from a very young age that one day I wanted to own and raise my own Corgis. But I wanted to do it 100 times better than others. That meant putting the dog’s overall well-being and happiness as the focus of everything.

I also wanted to give families a better experience. An inside look at the whole process so they feel involved and appreciate Corgis the way I do. When I was looking for the first dogs to add to my breeding program, the whole process sometimes felt a little overwhelming. I felt like I was kept in the dark about many things.

To help my families, supporters, and followers feel involved, I began using social media. I post daily Instagram Stories to give an inside look at my life and what it’s like to raise a family alongside Corgis. 

What’s the best thing about being a Corgi breeder?

The best thing about being a Corgi breeder is the special bond I get to create with these special dogs. I also really love the wonderful people I get to meet through doing this.

I have SO many amazing families all around the country who have one of my puppies that I stay in constant contact with. We refer to them as the “Curby’s Corgis Family” and it really is so special.

We all come from different lifestyles and backgrounds. But the one thing we’re all bonded by is the love we have for the breed.

The lifestyle also works great for me as I get to dictate my own schedule. I can be at home raising my human babies (I have a 9-month-old daughter and am due with a baby boy in March of 2024), and spend time with my Corgi kids.

My days are crazy busy and consist of taking care of everybody and everything. I usually come last, but that’s okay because I wouldn’t trade it for anything! 

Q&A with Curby's Corgis

What’s the worst?

All the heartache and unpredictable events you can encounter that are just completely out of your control. This is one thing I know ALL breeders can agree on.

I have a hard time with it because you can go into this with the purest intentions and biggest heart. Mother nature will still show you who is in full control. She can break your heart or turn a simple situation into something scary.

There’s a lot of risk involved in breeding. It’s so hard to love something so much, but also hate it so much at other times. There are many nights where I do not sleep just out of stress.

Another thing is the backlash, judgment, and scrutiny from other random people or even other breeders in general. There’s always someone who wants to tell you that you’re doing it wrong because they don’t agree with you on something.  

Q&A with Curby's Corgis

What advice would you give to someone thinking about getting a Corgi puppy?

I always tell my clients it’s like having a baby! There are plenty of great things to consider when adding a puppy to your home. But there are also a lot of things that need to be acknowledged before the decision is made.

You need to treat it like having a child. Where will the dog go when you go out of town and cannot bring them along? Do you have the financial means to care for a dog for the rest of its life? Does a puppy/dog fit into your lifestyle? 

What makes a great Corgi owner?

A great Corgi owner is someone who decides to get a Corgi only after thorough research and consideration. Corgis are very intelligent, and their intelligence can sometimes make them stubborn.

They are so much more than just a cute and funny-looking dog! They can have a lot of energy. That’s why they need to be properly trained so you can both co-exist peacefully for the rest of their life.

Q&A with Curby's Corgis

Do you ever have to turn away potential owners? If so, why?

Yes, often actually. I will only move forward with breeding a pair if I have a current and active waitlist for the pairing. If I don’t, I won’t breed.

In order to be on my waitlist, you must fill out a detailed application form to even be considered. I ask very specific questions to get as much detail as I possibly can. If I feel that the answers are too vague or not a proper fit for owning a dog, I turn them away.

What’s your opinion on mixed breeds like Cowboy Corgis and American Corgis?

It is an extremely controversial topic but personally, I don’t see an issue with it. As long as the people breeding the dogs are doing so responsibly. I have known some people to purposely seek out a mix for different qualities they may bring to the table. 

The Corgi Container
The Corgi Container where the Corgis live!

What red flags should someone look out for when researching Corgi breeders?

Breeders who are unwilling to have a conversation with you or seem annoyed by your questions.

Regardless of what my breeding practices are (whether you agree or disagree with them), I would rather someone get the full picture of what they’re signing up for when they decide to get a puppy from me.

If they don’t like my answers to their questions, they have every right to decide to go somewhere else. 

Q&A with Curby's Corgis

On the contrary, what are clear signs that a Corgi breeder is reputable and safe?

A lot of people think you can make a cute little checklist of dos and don’ts, but I personally disagree. Every breeder does what they do for a reason, and at least for me I do it with good intentions.

I think something that speaks the loudest for a breeder is their reputation with their clients. I always encourage people to talk to my past clients and look through my reviews.

A problem we run into often is scammers stealing our photos. If you’re worried you’re dealing with a scammer, ask them to send you a video of the puppy you’re purchasing, saying your name and the date in the video. If it’s not a scam, that should be easy… if it is, they will make up excuses. 

A note from the editor: If you take a look at the detailed ‘Practices & Policies’ page on Curby’s Corgis website, you can see how seriously they take their role as a breeder. All dogs are health tested and routinely examined by the vet. All puppies come with a puppy purchase contract to guarantee their lifelong health and happiness. Any responsible breeder you talk to (whether you’re based in the US or not) should be able to demonstrate this level of care and transparency. If they don’t, you may want to consider looking elsewhere.

What are your hopes for the future of Curby’s Corgis?

My hopes for the future of Curby’s Corgis will always be: improvement. I hope to continue to provide quality and maintain the good reputation I’ve built with my clients. Over the years I’ve learned what quality looks like. And why it’s important not to act on impulse when adding dogs to my breeding program.

The longer I do this, my values get stronger and my expectations, higher. When I started this, I never had a mentor. I’ve taught myself everything I know and continue to learn new things every single day. I’ve given my breeding program my entire heart and soul and hope it continues to show.

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