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Meet my corgi, Winston!
Bella and Winston in Porto

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I’m Bella Foxwell, a corgi owner, lover, and enthusiast based in London, UK. I write every article published on this website and create all the humorous videos you’ll find on @winstonbearofficial’s Instagram.

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My story of corgi adoption

I’m a proud Pembroke Welsh corgi owner based in London.

Towards the end of 2019, my husband and I decided we’d really love to get a corgi. However, we’ve always been big believers in adopting a dog rather than getting a puppy.

There was just one slight issue… up until 2014, corgis were officially listed as an endangered breed. Only 274 were registered with Britain’s Kennel Club. With fewer corgis being bred, fewer corgis needed rehoming. If it wasn’t for hit Netflix show, The Crown, there’s every chance that corgis would still be endangered today.

So, what did this mean for us? Well, the demand to rehome corgis in the UK is HUGE. I put my name down on The Welsh Corgi League’s waitlist not expecting to hear anything for several months, if not years.

And then, as if by magic, we got a phone call to say there was a 12-month-old boy called Winston who’d happily live in an apartment in the city.

Fast forward almost three years and we can’t imagine life without Winston.

We’ve lived together in Porto. We’ve successfully dealt with fleas. We helped him lose weight after putting on some lockdown pounds. We even got into a habit of brushing his teeth.

Doggy & Pooch’s mission

I set up this website in January 2023, almost two years to the day that I brought Winston, my rescue corgi, home.

My goal then was to create a destination for corgi lovers, corgi owners, and aspiring corgi owners to come and find useful first-hand advice and tips from someone who has been there.

There’s a lot of information online about corgis that isn’t factually correct. That puts the care and safety of corgis at risk, but it also perpetuates irresponsible breeding.

Everything I write about on Doggy & Pooch will be based on my experience or the expertise of someone I’ve interviewed.

I hope you enjoy reading!

Bella and Winston 🐾

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