How much does a corgi weigh?

This Is How Much A Corgi Should Weigh

Want to know how much a Corgi should weigh? It may be less than you think! Discover the ideal average weight for adult and puppy Corgis.

How to keep a corgi mentally stimulated

How To Mentally Stimulate Your Corgi At Home

Corgis are highly intelligent dogs that need lots of mental stimulation. Keep reading to find out how you can keep your corgi entertained (and their brain busy!).

How do corgis show affection

18 Healthy Snacks Your Corgi Will Love

Let’s take a closer look at 18 healthy snacks your corgi will love. The best part is, most of these you’ll already have in your kitchen!

Corgi and pug

9 Ways To Keep Your Corgi Happy And Healthy

Now you’ve welcomed this furry bundle of joy into your life, you want to know how you can keep your corgi happy. Read on to discover my top 9 tips.

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