5 Ways To Tire Out Your Corgi Without Leaving The House

5 ways to tire out your Corgi without going outside can include fun activities like tug and fetch, building indoor obstacle courses, teaching them new tricks, food puzzles, and epic games of hide and seek. 

There are some days when you just can’t get out of the house. The weather might be dangerously bad, you could be sick, or maybe you just need a rest day. We all do from time to time! There’s nothing wrong with spending the day inside. Plus, there are plenty of ways to get your Corgi tuckered out from the comfort of your home. 

Exercise doesn’t have to be confined to the dog park, fields, or epic hikes through the countryside. Your Corgi gets just as much out of playing together indoors and bonding with you as they do from being outside. You just have to make sure you’re giving them the right kind of stimulation. Stimulation that keeps their minds and bodies working. 

Are you ready to discover my five ways to tire out your Corgi? Let’s take a look at my tried and tested methods (I use them on my own Corgis). 

Key Takeaways:

  • Corgis are working dogs, which means they need plenty of stimulation
  • Exercise doesn’t have to be outdoors only. There are loads of great activities inside as well. 
  • Some great games include tug and fetch, hide and seek, and puzzle games. 
  • You can try building an indoor obstacle course or teaching them new tricks. 
  • Indoor activities make for a great bonding experience between you and your Corgi. 
How to tire your Corgi out at home

Why Do Corgis Need to be Tired Out?

The most important thing to remember about Corgis is that they have a lot of energy. They were bred as herding dogs. This means they need a lot more stimulation, physically and mentally, in order to be tired. But why should you be tiring your Corgi and helping them get rid of all their excess energy

Well, any dog that has too much energy and doesn’t know what to do with it is at a higher risk of becoming destructive, disobedient, and even aggressive. This is why it’s so important to keep your dog stimulated and happy – it helps prevent negative and potentially harmful behavior. Your stumpy pal is just looking for a release for all that energy. 

How to tire a Corgi out in the home

5 Ways to Tire Out Your Corgi Inside

So, we’ve been over the basics as to why your Corgi needs to be tired out. This means you’re ready for the next step – all of my favorite indoor activities for me and my Corgis. Yours are going to love these games just as much as mine do. 

#1 Hide and Seek 

I absolutely love playing this game with my dogs, and it can take two forms. The first version is where you hide a toy or treats around the house and get them to search for them. It gets their nose working, and it’s a lot of fun watching them run between the rooms as they hunt for a tasty snack. Not to mention the excitement they get when they find it!

The second needs two people. One person stays with the dog and distracts them while the other runs off and hides somewhere in the house. When you’re done, release the Corgi and let them go find the missing person. The amount of joy they experience when they find you is heartwarming and adorable. 

#2 Teach Them New Tricks 

Training is always a fantastic form of exercise because it’s mentally stimulating and gets them all tuckered out. After all, mental exercise is just as important. Taking the time to teach them new tricks and reinforce old ones is a lot of fun for them and a fantastic bonding experience for each of you. Plus, it makes a rainy day more interesting

How to tire a Corgi out in the home

#3 Food Puzzles and Chews

There are loads of great food puzzles you can buy online or from your local pet store, and you can even make them yourself using old tennis balls and muffin trays. They keep your dog’s mind active and encourage them to use their noses to sniff out their nibbles. It really is a great way to tire them out, the same goes for durable chews they can sink their teeth into. 

#4 Build an Obstacle Course 

This is where you can get really creative with your Corgi. Grab the couch cushions, throw up some dining chairs, and maybe even use some old cups that they need to dodge. The possibilities are endless with a homemade obstacle course and it gives you both the chance to bond and learn something new together. 

I will remind you that Corgis are sneaky little creatures, and they will definitely try and find a way to cheat. Mine did, so just remember that you’re going to need to try and outsmart them a few times to keep your course on track

5 ways to tire out your corgi

#5 Play Tug or Fetch (or Both)

Games like tug and fetch can be great indoors. Now, fetch might not be suited to every home (I have made that mistake a few times), but tug is always a fantastic option. You can play both games with any toy, and sometimes fetch is better with a plush instead of a ball – especially if you’re like me and you have one dog that prefers chasing the other. 

Frequently Asked Questions

At What Age Do Corgis Calm Down?

Some Corgi puppies will start to calm down when they reach maturity at around two years old. However, others may continue to be excitable right up until they hit their senior years (or even beyond that). Their energy levels can be impacted by training, temperament, activity levels, and even their genetics. 

Do Corgis Need a Lot of Mental Stimulation?

Yes, Corgis do need a lot of mental stimulation. They are high-energy working dogs, and so their minds have to be occupied just as much as they require physical exercise. Otherwise, they can end up bored and destructive. 

Final Thoughts 

I hope that these suggestions have helped you to find some great new ways to tire out your Corgi on those days when going outside is just impossible. There are loads of great games you can play together. And taking the time to engage in these activities with them not only gets them tired out, but also strengthens your bond.

Bella is the founder of Doggy & Pooch. She rehomed Winston the corgi in Jan 2020 and now shares her best tips and interesting facts with corgi lovers globally.

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