10 Funny Corgi Memes That Will Make You Smile

Corgis are stubborn, loyal, and some of the funniest dogs I know. They’re smart as anything and incredibly derpy all at once. There’s no dog quite like a Corgi. Here are 10 funny Corgi memes that sum them up perfectly. 

If you’re here, then it’s because you either own a Corgi or love them just as much as someone who does. As someone with three of the stumpy demons, they have a lot of quirky personality traits I can’t help but adore. No matter what they do, they always find a way to weasel themselves deep into my heart, and I can never stay mad

Stubborn, loyal, and full of mischief, these little dogs deserve all the love in the world and more. As an avid lover of memes (and someone who annoys the world by making them all the time), I wanted to share 10 memes that sum up Corgis. I think you’ll agree that these funny Corgi memes are not only great but a perfect example of what these pups are like. 

Let’s take a load off and giggle at some memes for a while. I’ll grab the snacks. 

Key Takeaways:

    • Corgis are stubborn, smart, and full of chaos in all the best ways 
    • They are herding dogs that can get a little too excited sometimes 
    • Corgis are somehow derpy and intelligent at the same time 
    • You’ll need eyes in the back of your head with these little dogs 
    • Memes are great and you’ll get a laugh out of these

    10 Funny Corgi Memes That Capture The Magic Of The Breed

    I’m not going to bore you with a massive intro and loads of fluff. I love memes, you love memes, and we both love Corgis. These memes are the perfect homage to these feisty dogs. 

    1. Herding or Running?

    Corgi memes to make you laugh

    I made this meme just for this article because of my own experiences. Sometimes I like to run when we’re on a walk. It’s great, it’s fun, but my Corgis see it as something more. When they get too excited, I become a sheep and they start to herd me. Yes, sometimes they bite my butt. They’re letting off steam, I’m yelling PLEASE NO, and everyone is laughing at me. 

    2. Playtime is All the Time 

    Funny Corgi meme

    Corgis love to play. They have a lot of energy, and games are a great way to help them get rid of it. You don’t have to run around, puzzle toys and games inside the house give them plenty of mental stimulation. They’re high-energy dogs, and sometimes you have to say forget the dishes, let’s go play

    3. Fearless Protectors 

    Funny Corgi meme

    Corgis are fearless protectors, and they have a pretty good prey drive if you live on a farm or out in nature and need someone to take care of the rats. But they can also become destructive if they get bored. That’s what happened to this poor black snake. Keep them mentally stimulated and take them for walks to avoid this. 

    4. Sharp as a Whip 

    Corgi meme

    Don’t try and trick your Corgi. Not only will they probably figure out you’re not actually throwing the ball, but if they don’t they will never forget what you did. These dogs are highly intelligent, and they remember the little things. Faking ball throws is an easy way to break trust, and if you don’t believe me just look at your Corgi’s face next time you do it. 

    5. The Derpiest Dogs 

    10 memes that sum up corgis

    Despite how smart they are, Corgis also have some of the dumbest and derpiest faces I have ever seen. Those silly expressions, the wide eyes, all of it makes me chuckle. It sums them up so well, and I love them so much. 

    6. Highly Effective Pest Control 

    Corgi meme

    I’ve watched my Corgis chase spiders and flies through the house and murder them in cold blood. Most of the time they eat them, but sometimes they leave the bodies for me to find later (I will never get over the dead spider in my bed). They’re good predators and they will keep an eye on large and small pests alike. 

    #7 We Stan Short Kings and Queens 

    They’re naturally stumpy dogs and have always been short. That’s why we love them, and why so many other dogs probably come up and ask what happened. Didn’t you hear? Short kings are in now. 

    #8 Fearless and Determined Dogs 

    10 memes that sum corgis up

    They really are fearless and determined dogs. They might be small, but they have the strength and willpower of a dog ten times their size. They are smart, determined, and they will do everything they can to achieve their goals. Usually, that goal is the last slice of my pizza, but we all have different ambitions. 

    #9 Stubborn as Anything 

    Corgis are stubborn meme

    You haven’t known stubbornness until you’ve met a Corgi. These little dogs are unmovable if they don’t want to do something, and it’s going to take a lot of treats to try and convince them otherwise. It can make them harder to train, but it’s all about learning how to work with them and what they respond well to (positive training is key). Stubborn but loveable. That’s them. 

    #10 A Whole Variety of Flavors 

    Corgi meme

    Corgis come in so many colors and varieties. They can be born with or without a tail, there are several different colors, and two different breeds. Pembroke and Cardigan Corgis are equally delightful to have, and their differences are minimal (Cardigans are bigger than Pembrokes). It’s nice to have a dog with so much variety – makes my heart warm. 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Are Corgis Good Pets?

    Yes, Corgis are good pets. They are great family dogs and suited to almost any lifestyle. You just have to remember they are very active and need a lot of physical and mental exercise to keep them calm and happy. But they’re good dogs and they get on with everyone as long as you socialise them and raise them properly. 

    Do Corgis Like to Play?

    Absolutely, Corgis love to play. They have a lot of energy because they’re herding dogs, which means they could play all day if you wanted to. There’s never a dull moment with them, and they are down for any game you want. They’re pretty good at fetch, but they might get a little too excited during a game of chase. 

    Are Corgis Easy to Train?

    While Corgis can be easy to train if they’re in a good mood, they are also very stubborn dogs. This can make them difficult to train if they don’t want to listen, and you need a lot of patience. My advice has always been to have a lot of good treats on hand and make sure to stay calm and patient throughout training sessions for the best results. 

    How Loyal are Corgis?

    Corgis are very loyal dogs, and while they get attached to the whole family, they have a stronger bond with one person. You never know who your Corgi will pick as their person (unless it’s just you), but the love will always be there for everyone. 

    Final Thoughts 

    Corgis are some of the best dogs you’ll ever own, and these memes sum them up perfectly. They have such massive personalities inside their tiny bodies, and that only adds to their charm. It’s true they can be stubborn, tricky to train, and a little bit naughty, but that’s part of what makes them great. Anyway, we all need a challenge sometimes.

    Bella is the founder of Doggy & Pooch. She rehomed Winston the corgi in Jan 2020 and now shares her best tips and interesting facts with corgi lovers globally.

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