12 Things Only Corgi Owners Will Understand

From shedding and frapping to purring and nipping… there are certain things only Corgi owners will understand.

And if you’re a soon-to-be Corgi owner, you’ll definitely want to read this list to help prepare yourself for what’s to come.

Lots of fun. Lots of weirdness. And lots and lots of love.

Let’s take a closer look at 12 things only Corgi owners will understand.

How much does a corgi shed

    1. The Insane Amounts Of Shedding

    Holey moley the hair loss is REAL. I knew before we rehomed Winston that Corgis shed and yet still nothing prepares you for quite how much they do.

    Corgis shed all year round and more heavily as the seasons change. If you’re house proud or hate getting hair on your clothes, don’t get a Corgi.

    Or at least, don’t wear dark clothes! 

    Even brushing Winston a couple of times a week and taking him to be professionally groomed every 6-8 weeks doesn’t stop the hair from falling.

    Fortunately for us, we don’t mind. We love him just the same. 

    2. The ‘Is That The Queen’s Corgi?’ Comments

      It’s almost impossible to go for a walk with Winston and not be asked: “Is that the Queen’s Corgi?”

      Especially living in the UK. It might be different for other Corgi owners living around the world but for us, it’s constant. 

      The funny thing about Winston is that he actually doesn’t look exactly the same as the royal Corgis because he’s much smaller and skinnier than them.

      He looks much more like a fox. Which brings me onto my next point… 

      Why do corgis look like foxes

      3. The ‘It Looks Like A Fox!’ Remarks

        If we’re not being asked whether Winston belongs to the Queen, we’re being asked whether he is, in fact, a fox.

        Again, because we live in London and foxes are prevalent here, it’s easy for people to confuse the two!

        Particularly as Winston is much less stocky than most Corgis. 

        4. How Much They Love To Roll In Poop

          Ahhhh, yes. Corgis love poop. Fox poop, deer poop, duck poop—they’re not fussy!

          Any poop will do.

          I’ve spoken to lots of Corgi owners around the world who say the same thing. At least I know Winston is not uniquely disgusting. It seems his poop penchant is prevalent among the breed! 

          What are the corgi races?

          5. Frapping

            Also known as the zoomies, “frenetic random activity periods” or “fraps” are the short, excitable bursts of running and play that seem to take over Corgis quite frequently. 

            Winston doesn’t just do this after a bath. He will frap when he gets in from a walk or a toilet break or if he feels he hasn’t had enough attention for a while.

            It’s one of the cutest and funniest things that he does!

            6. The Peeping Tongue

              Like most things that Winston does, I initially thought that this behavior was unique to him.

              It wasn’t until I spotted the peeping tongue on many other Corgis online that I realized this is a common Corgi trait!

              I don’t know if it’s because their tongues are too long for their skulls, but for some reason, when Corgis are sleeping or relaxed, their tongue will peep out the front of their mouth.

              12 things only Corgi owners will understand

              7. They Are LOUD!

                Corgis are vocal little dogs!

                They purr, bark, howl, roar, and generally make some very interesting noises that sound more like a Wookiee than a dog.

                Their bark is also much louder than you’d expect. It sounds like it belongs to a dog three times its size! 

                8. How Smart They Are

                  Pembroke Corgis are number 11 on Stanley Coren’s list of intelligent dog breeds and Cardigan Corgis are number 26.

                  They are smart dogs and relatively speaking, very easy to train.

                  Yes, they are stubborn, but with patience and consistency, they pick up commands and tricks really quickly.

                  I had no idea about this when I first got Winston. I thought that because of all the derpy faces on social media, Corgis were a little dumb. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

                  Best wet food for corgis

                  9. Their Bottomless Appetite

                    Corgis are pigs in disguise, of that I am certain. 

                    They will eat and eat and eat and that’s why obesity is a problem in this breed. It’s hard to resist those adorable puppy dog eyes but sticking to a strict feeding schedule and portion control is so important.

                    10. The Gentle Nips

                      Winston doesn’t actually do this much anymore, but very occasionally, he will try to herd my husband and I into the same room by nipping gently at our heels.

                      This is what working Corgis do on the farm. As herding dogs, their job is to round up cattle and keep them in check by nipping at the heels!

                      Are Corgis picky eaters

                      11. How Much Stamina They Have

                        Contrary to popular belief, Corgis are not lazy. They have BAGS of energy!

                        Many Corgi owners (like us) enjoy taking their Corgis on hikes. They will walk for miles with their Corgi happily strolling along beside them.

                        Day-to-day, we take Winston out for at least 45 minutes of physical activity each day and play games with him in our apartment. 

                        Yes, he loves to chill. But as a herding dog he also has SO much energy to burn!

                        12. How Utterly Adorable They Are

                          All Corgi owners know how lucky they are to be parents to one of the cutest, funniest, most loving dog breeds around.

                          Corgis brighten up whatever room they go into with their adorable smile, gentle nudges, and soft kisses.

                            Bella is the founder of Doggy & Pooch. She rehomed Winston the corgi in Jan 2020 and now shares her best tips and interesting facts with corgi lovers globally.

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                            1. My first cardigan was small, about 25-30 lbs, but his bark sounded at least twice that size. He was also a master at climbing onto my bed at night without waking me up!


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