8 Bizarre Things Corgis Love To Do

As you probably already know by now, Corgis are funny little creatures. They do things like sploot, run around in mad circles (aka the ‘zoomies’), and perch on top of furniture in strange positions.

But how do you know which Corgi behavior is strange and which is totally normal?

Take it from me—a Corgi owner for the last 4 years—I have lots of experience dealing with the weird and wonderful behavior of these little chonks!

Here are 8 bizarre things Corgis love to do (do yours do them too?).

1. Sitting On Furniture In Unusual Positions

    On the backs of couches and chairs, wrapped around their owners’ shoulders, hidden under the bed. Corgis love to curl up in strange places!

    They may perch themselves on furniture in ways that seem uncomfortable or awkward to humans.  However, they often find these positions perfectly comfortable, so there’s usually no need for concern.

    2. Get As Squished As Possible

    Corgis are like cats.

      They love to curl up in small spaces—whether that’s down the side of a couch, bed, or squished in between pillows.

      This strange habit probably makes them feel safe and secure.

      3. Lie Like A Loaf Of Bread

        It might look uncomfortable to us, but many Corgis love tucking their arms and legs under their bodies so they ‘disappear’.

        This is the classic Corgi ‘loaf’. They literally look like a loaf of bread with ears and eyes.

        Whether it’s to keep them warm or a defense mechanism to keep their limbs safely tucked away, I’m not exactly sure.

        All I know is it’s nothing to worry about! 

          4. Roll In (& Eat) Fox/Duck/Deer/Badger Poop

          Unfortunately, Winston absolutely loves rolling in the animal poop he finds in our local park.

          It’s usually fox poop (as they’re rife where we live in London), but fellow Corgi owners have told me that they also love deer poop and duck poop! And yes—many of them like to eat it too 🤮

          I’m not sure how to prevent this, to be honest.

          Besides keeping a very close eye on Winston while we’re in the park and running after him like a madwoman when he begins to roll, it’s difficult to stop him!

            5. Make Strange Wookiee Noises

            Whenever Winston stretches or yawns or welcomes one of us home from a day at work he will make the most adorable noises. He sounds like Chewbacca the Wookiee from Star Wars!

            It’s part-purr, part-roar, and part-bark. A really cute sound that my husband and I often mimic—much to Winston’s annoyance!

            Here’s a compilation of the strange sounds Corgis make 👇

              6. Get The Zoomies

              I’m sure you’re very familiar with the Zoomies by now.

              Corgis are notorious for their bursts of energy where they’ll suddenly start running around in circles or darting back and forth for no apparent reason.

              It’s really funny, really cute, and a little bit mad.

              It’s one of the reasons I absolutely love Winston!

                7. Wiggle Their Butt

                Before pouncing or when excited, many Corgis like to wiggle their butts in an endearing display of anticipation.

                It’s like an exaggerated version of wagging their tail and it’s absolutely adorable.

                Many gifs have been made of the infamous ‘Corgi butt’. 

                Most famously this one… which I’m sure you’ve already seen many times before! 

                Excited Weekend GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

                  8. Bunny Hop

                  Corgis have a unique way of bobbing up and down like bunny rabbits. It’s especially noticeable when they’re excited or playing.

                  Check out this adorable behavior in this video of Hudson the Fluffy Corgi.

                  He’s bunny hopping up and down in anticipation of his 2023 Christmas Advent Calendar.

                  So cute!

                  What Bizarre Things Does Your Corgi Do?

                  Now that I’ve shared 8 bizarre things Corgis do, I’d love to hear your experience. What strange or funny things does YOUR Corgi do?

                  Bella is the founder of Doggy & Pooch. She rehomed Winston the corgi in Jan 2020 and now shares her best tips and interesting facts with corgi lovers globally.

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