5 At-Home Corgi Shedding Tools You Need In Your Life

There are some at-home Corgi shedding tools I can’t live without. While I strongly advocate things like the Groomi Deshedding Tool and the Furminator Deshedding Shampoo, I also love a nice selection of slicker brushes to keep things under control.

Shedding is pain. That’s the simple truth, and all Corgi owners know it. Every spring and fall I have to suffer through enough hair to make an extra dog for each of mine. It means a lot more vacuuming, way more bath time (which they hate), and a lot more grooming. You know the feeling just as well as I do, but I’m also here with some helpful solutions

I have a list of at-home Corgi shedding tools I can’t live without. I like to alternate between brushes when they’re going through their different shedding phases, and I have some really nice shampoo I would recommend to help keep the shedding down. You and your Corgi are going to feel so much better after a nice grooming session

I like to help and keep things affordable, so come check out my list and top tips.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Corgis have double coats, which means they have an undercoat that sheds twice a year 
  • Their undercoats offer them weather protection throughout the year 
  • Corgis shed constantly in addition to their major shedding seasons 
  • They need a lot of grooming, especially during shedding season 
  • A healthy diet, bathing, and regular brushing can help reduce shedding 
  • Invest in a really good pet vacuum cleaner – you’ll need it 

How Often Should Corgis Be Brushed and Other Top Tips 

Corgis have double coats, which means they have a thick undercoat to keep them warm in the winter and they shed a layer of fur in the summer to keep cool. This also means they shed constantly and have two periods each year of mass shedding when their winter coats blow out and their spring coats come in. 

You should groom your Corgi every day, spending a good ten minutes brushing them to remove loose hair. This helps you stay on top of their grooming regime and keeps their fur silky smooth. It will also help with the mass shedding later on in the year. More than that, it’s a fantastic way to build a stronger bond with your dog (they seriously love it).

My main advice for grooming your Corgi, especially during shedding season, is to do so after their bath. You can use a standard brush to keep their fur in order while it’s dry, but shedding season calls for serious action. Use your brush while their fur is wet, and all the loose stuff will come out. You can even use a deshedding shampoo to help boost the process.

The one thing I advise staying away from is the Furminator brush for your Corgi. There are different types of undercoat blades – some that brush and some that cut. Furminator uses cutting blades that strip the undercoat down over time instead of removing loose hair. It’s not good for their coats in the long run, especially as they help regulate their temperature

I also recommend a lot of treats and training, particularly when you start grooming for the first time. It’s easier for everyone if you both feel relaxed and comfortable, which is great for building a solid relationship with your pup. But I do advise using their kibble as the treat – my experience is they get pretty chunky off the good stuff when you’re doing grooming training. 

Find out the truth about how much Corgis actually shed!

The At-Home Corgi Shedding Tools I Can’t Live Without

Finally, the thing you came here for – a list of the tools I love and simply cannot live without. Corgi shedding season will be so much easier for you to handle with this quick and easy guide. Let me know what you think and if any of these tools work for you. 

1. Slicker Dog Comb Brush

Slicker dog brush

This is one of my favourites, and you might have caught it in my earlier piece about how much Corgis shed. It’s easy to use, highly affordable, and perfect for daily use with your stumpy friend. It doesn’t have any sharp blades that could damage the undercoat, and cleaning the brush is an absolute breeze. I use this every day for my Corgis. 

2. Silicone Dog Brush 

Silicone dog brush

What I really like about this silicone brush is how nicely it fits in the palm of your hand. It attaches perfectly, and the soft silicone tips are ideal for use in the bath. You can even use this brush to give your Corgi a little massage (which is exactly what I do every bathtime). 

I like this tool because it makes it a lot easier to apply shampoo and helps with rubbing it into their fur. It’s also incredibly easy to clean and gentle on their skin, so I don’t have to worry about hurting them or causing any discomfort. 

3. Groomi Deshedding Tool 

At-home Corgi shedding tool you can't live without

I love this tool for their undercoats when shedding season is in full swing. It uses blades that are dulled and don’t cut the undercoat or strip it. Instead, it removes loose hair and helps keep their coats looking great. I use it every spring when their winter coats blow out and my house begins to look like something from Winter Wonderland. It’s easy to use and does a solid job. 

4. Dematting Tool for Dogs 

Corgi shedding tool you need in your life

One of my Corgis is a rare little throwback with long hair – it happens. I love him to pieces, but his fur can get matted. This usually happens after a very muddy walk or a frolic through the long grass (I hate sticky buds so much). This dematting tool is just for him and helps work through the long hair effortlessly to get rid of any knots and tangles. 

A lot of people forget that some Corgis have long hair. It’s not common but they do exist, and they need something a little more than the standard to keep them looking fresh. 

5. Furminator Deshedding Shampoo 

At-home Corgi shedding tool you need in your life

Now, I hate the Furminator brushes, but I love their shampoo. It is great for all my dogs and helps keep their fur healthy (while also removing tangles on my long-haired boy). Application is simple, and it rinses away nicely without leaving you feeling as though the shampoo is never-ending. Plus, it really helps get rid of the excess fluff during shedding season. 

The deshedding aspect comes from the omega 3 and 6 in the shampoo, both of which are known to promote a healthier coat and help reduce shedding. I use it throughout the year and they all shed less than they used to. Plus, they smell great

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do Corgis Shed A Lot?

Yes and no. Corgis shed a lot in the spring and fall when they are blowing out their coats or their winter coats start to come in. During this period, you can expect masses of shedding and a lot of grooming to maintain it. However, they are standard shedders in general and don’t shed much more than other dogs (this goes for Pembroke and Cardigan Corgis). 

Are Corgis Hypoallergenic?

No, Corgis are not hypoallergenic. There are very few breeds of dogs that are genuinely hypoallergenic, and even then, the allergies come from the pet dander and not the hair itself. If you have allergies, there is no guarantee that you won’t react to Corgi hair. 

Can You Stop Corgis from Shedding?

No, you can’t stop a Corgi from shedding completely. However, you can reduce the amount they shed by making sure they are getting a good and balanced diet, bathing them during shedding season, and brushing them every day to remove all the loose fluff from their undercoats. Little things like this make a massive difference when they start their big sheds. 

When Do Corgis Shed the Most?

Corgis tend to shed twice a year – in the autumn and the spring. This shedding period can last for a good six weeks (usually 2-4 in most cases) as they blow out their fur or grow in their winter coat. While they do shed hair throughout the year, it is not nearly as bad as their designated shedding season (trust me, I have Corgis and end up with a snowy house in the spring). 

Final Thoughts 

Corgis are big shedders, and it’s honestly amazing to see how much comes off their tiny bodies. There have been times I wondered if they were actual dogs or some kind of infinite hairball from the Forgotten Realms. But the amount of fluff around your home will start to shrink down outside of those dreaded spring and autumn shedding periods. 

Getting a Corgi to stay still while being groomed isn’t always easy; I know that from experience. However, a little training goes a long way. Simple commands you use in everyday life (like sit and stay) can be applied to your grooming sessions to make things easier. Trust me when I say it doesn’t have to be a battle (even though it used to be for me). 

Bella is the founder of Doggy & Pooch. She rehomed Winston the corgi in Jan 2020 and now shares her best tips and interesting facts with corgi lovers globally.

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