Must-Have Hiking Gear for Active Corgis

Aside from the essentials like water and first aid kits, some of the top must-have hiking gear for active Corgis includes backpack harnesses, collapsible water dishes, antiseptic spray, a hands-free leash, a dog backpack, and a canine sleeping bag for nights spent camping.

Going hiking with your best friend is the greatest feeling in the world. There’s nothing quite like heading out into the wilderness and enjoying the fresh air together. I love taking to the trails on the weekends with my Corgis and seeing how far we can go before we’re all too knackered to carry on. It’s uplifting, calming, and a great day out for us all. 

But it’s also important to be prepared. You and your Corgi need to be ready for anything while you’re hiking – safety comes first. This is why I have some must-have gear for active Corgis on the trail before you head out on your next journey. After all, you need to make sure you both remain hydrated, rested, and ready for action

Take a look at my suggestions and get yourself ready for some serious fun outdoors. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Corgis are great for taking with you on a hike as they’re active dogs 
  • They have little legs, but this doesn’t stop them from going long distances 
  • Backpack harnesses can be a great addition 
  • Always remember water, a collapsible bowl, and first aid kits 
  • A backpack carrier is perfect for tired Corgis

Do Corgis Make Good Hiking Dogs?

Corgis make some of the best hiking companions. They’re herding dogs by nature, which means they have loads of energy and are up for anything. Think of it this way – they were bred to herd sheep through fields and get them back in their pens. Just because they have little legs doesn’t mean they can’t go the distance. 

They can go for hours without stopping, and mine accompany me on regular hikes that go well over ten miles. All you have to do is remember to stop, rest, and hydrate on the way. The whole point of hiking is to connect with and enjoy nature; that’s what you’re doing when you stop for a break. Water and snacks are essential to any hike. 

Pro tip: Always bring a first aid kit for you and your dog. It’s absolutely essential!

Must-Have Gear for Active Corgis

These are the five pieces of gear I am never without when hiking with my Corgi. Whether we’re going for a standard hike or decide to head on a camping trip, we’re always prepared. Take a look and get yourself some new kit for your next adventure. 

1. Backpack Harness for Dogs 

Backpack Harness for Corgi while camping

This backpack harness is really handy for your Corgi to have because it means they can run around with some first aid gear, treats, a spare leash, and other important items secured to their body. It’s a good backup in case anything happens to your pack, and the harness is strong enough that you can lift your dog in an emergency without worrying about it breaking. 

2. Hands-Free Dog Leash 

Must-have hiking gear for active corgis

Sometimes, you need both hands, especially on a more challenging hike. This hands-free dog leash gives your Corgi plenty of room to trot in front while also allowing you to maintain control of your pup and keep them close to you. The adjustable waist belt keeps things comfortable for you, and the bungee leash means they have more flexibility to go ahead a little. 

3. Collapsible Dog Bowl

Collapsible dog water bowl - must-have hiking gear for active corgis

This dog bowl is an absolute must. It might be a very simple piece of kit, but you need it to keep your pup hydrated. It folds up flat for easy storage and even has a clip so you can attach it to your belt or backpack while you’re walking. This way, your Corgi can have a drink whenever they like and you can rest easy knowing they’re getting everything they need. 

4. Antiseptic Spray for Dogs 

Must-have hiking gear for active corgis

Accidents happen all the time, and you never know when your Corgi might end up with a little cut or graze on their travels. Having antiseptic spray on hand means that you can tend to their wounds using this alongside the rest of the gear in your first aid kit. You need to have this on you, and it’s the one thing on the list you should never ignore. 

If you’re enjoying this list, we’ve created an even more extensive checklist of 25 camping essentials for Corgis. Go check that out so you’re fully prepared!

5. Dog Backpack Carrier 

Winston in his backpack

Sometimes, your Corgi is going to get tired, especially on a longer hike. There is nothing wrong with giving them a break and carrying them some of the way (or even the whole way home). The Little Chonk Maxine One backpack is our favorite brand and the one we use for Winston! It’s well made and has fantastic back support.

6. Canine Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bag for dogs

There are times when a hiking trip turns into a night of camping. We’ve all been there. When this happens, having a canine sleeping bag for your Corgi can be really helpful. It gives them a comfortable place to sleep, keeps them warm in colder weather, and is lightweight enough to be carried in your backpack without taking up much space. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Do Corgis Need to be Happy?

All Corgis need to be happy is plenty of exercise, a warm bed to sleep in, and toys to help keep them mentally stimulated. Oh, and they need plenty of love and attention. They’re simple dogs, and they don’t need a lot to be happy and thrive in their home. Just treat them with love and care, and remember to groom them regularly. 

Are Corgis Active Dogs?

Yes, Corgis are very active dogs. They need to be in a home that understands they are herding dogs and have a lot of energy they need to get rid of. They need long walks, puzzle games to keep their minds busy, and plenty of training to keep them in line. They’re hard work and no work all at the same time. Trust me, it makes sense. 

Do Corgis Get Tired on Hikes?

Yes, Corgis can get tired on hikes. All dogs can get tired and worn out when on long adventures, which is why it is important to take breaks and rest as needed. If you can see your Corgi is getting really tired when they’re hiking with you, there is no shame in carrying them the rest of the way. Overexhausting your pup can be pretty dangerous and damaging in the long run. 

Is Hiking Safe for Corgis with Their Short Legs?

Absolutely, just because Corgis have short legs doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to be safe on a hiking trip. They’re just as capable as a larger dog with longer legs, and in many cases, they have way more energy. Just remember to take breaks and keep an eye on them as you trek along the trail and make your way through the hike. 

Final Thoughts 

Going hiking with your Corgi is a great choice, and as long as you’re prepared, the pair of you will have a fantastic time. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the right gear, but it helps make your life easier to get as much of it as possible. Honestly, all of these items are essentials that will make your trip go a lot smoother

Plus, hiking makes for a great training opportunity. There’s nothing like being in the field when you’re practicing commands and helping remind them of their training and commands. No matter what you and your Corgi get up to on your hike, I know you’ll have an unforgettable adventure together and the best time. 

Bella is the founder of Doggy & Pooch. She rehomed Winston the corgi in Jan 2020 and now shares her best tips and interesting facts with corgi lovers globally.

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